Our Story

Founded in 2005 by a Zimbabwean native, Sabina Zunguze, as a USA-based social enterprise in Salt Lake City, Utah with a sole purpose of empowering African business women grow their businesses sustainably and enter into global markets using fair trade principles. Since its inception, the company has worked with over 300 women in 8 different African countries which include Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. The company has successfully trained, consulted and grown numerous companies and placed products in high-end physical and online stores, catalogs and other establishments . The company has also participated at numerous trade shows, regional markets, conferences, and private venues.

Recently the company re-located to the Tampa Bay area in Florida and has shifted its focus to wild-harvested fruits and oils. The reason for the shift has been because the resources used (wild-harvested fruits and seeds) are available locally at no cost (or very minimal cost) and thus provides a good level of sustainability. The women are then able to make an immediate income with little skills training.

A Gift to Africa then imports the wild-harvested products which become ingredients for products produced in the USA. A Gift to Africa also encourages conservation and more value addition to the trees and plants before they are exported.

Future plans involved product diversification and more entrepreneurial training through collaborations that the company has with other women empowerment organizations.

We hope that you will join us and be a part of our mission. Whatever skill you have can be a savior to getting a mother out of poverty. 

Our other upcoming African women empowerment projects include Her African Marketand She Fairs.