Benefits Of Baobab Oil

baobab oil

The baobab fruit comes from Africa’s Tree of Life and is known to be Africa’s and the world’s superfruit. Baobab has a unique ability to dry out on the branch. It is packed with nutrients such as vitamin A, C, D, E, F, calcium and potassium, which provide numerous health benefits some of which spill over to improving skincare.

Clinically, skincare companies have found that baobab fruit and oil combats skin aging, helps improve skin firmness and strength by boosting the elastic quality of the skin, diminishes the look of facial lines, evens out skin tone, and refreshes and hydrates the skin.

baobab oil




The baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of the baobab fruit.  After being cold-pressed, baobab oil is completely raw with no additives. It is what is referred to as a fixed oil, meaning it is a nonvolatile oil (no VOCs), and can be used directly on the skin without evaporating like essential oils. It has the capability of being used fully on its own, or as an added ingredient to another product. 




✅Baobab oil nourishes & heals damaged skin.


✅Baobab oil is a natural cleanser. 


✅Baobab oil is a daily moisturizer. 


✅Baobab oil eliminates under-eye bags. 


✅Baobab oil boosts collagen production. 


✅Baobab oil treats inflammatory skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis. 


✅Baobab oil prevents stretch marks &  their appearance.



As noted in the benefits, baobab oil is great for skin and hair. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get about baobab oil:

  1. Can baobab oil help with the growth of my hair? Baobab oil is packed with nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, D and E, all known to trigger hair growth even for a bald head. Besides being a great moisturizer it seeps deep into the follicles triggering cell growth.
  2. How do you apply baobab oil? For the hair - The oil is a great leave-in conditioner. It can also be used after shampooing as a conditioner and it can be rinsed out after a few minutes. You can also just add a drop or two of baobab oil to your regular hair conditioner. For the skin -  the oil can be applied to inflamed skin, sunburns, irritated skin. It can also be a carrier oil for massage blends, added with essential oils in roller blends and in DIY creams or balms.
  3. What does your oil smell like? A Gift To Africa's 100% natural and pure baobab oil has lavender essential oil added to it for a great lavender smell and also for the benefits that come with lavender essential oil. It smells great and has great nutrients for your hair and skin!
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