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All Natural Menopause Herbal Tea - Dry Tea Bags

Our herbal tea helps with symptoms connected with menopause. 
The tea helps increase estrogen, night sweats, vaginal dryness.  The tea also decreases hot flashes and and enhances your mood.
It is simply a natural way to improve your health!

This tea is CAFFEINE FREE and has a juicy fresh peach taste with lingering hints of sweet cinnamon.


  • Black Cohosh : Increases Estrogen and improves vaginal dryness

  •  Licorice Root: Decreases hot flashes and Increases estrogen

     Ginko Leaf: Enhances your Mood

     Red Clover: Decreases Hot Flashes

     Eleuthero Root: Helps with Night Sweat

  • •Steep tea bag 3-5 minutes to boiling water. 
  • •Add lemon for a vivid purple look.
    •Optional: Add your favorite sweetener to taste.