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By the Baobab Tree Children's Book BY JOHN ARCHAMBAULT

"By The Baobab Tree" portrays the story of African animals searching the dry savannah desert for water. . .when finally, they discover some right under a baobab tree. Story is written by John Archambault and illustrated by Robert Bender. This small paperback format features 32 pages. For Grades PreK and up.
  • A charming tale that supports early literacy and provides useful lessons on discovery, patience, and companionship
  • Bright, full-colored illustrations makes this book perfect for engaging little ones' attention
  • Simple wording makes lessons and storyline easy for young readers to follow and comprehend
  • Perfect for circle time, group class activities, 1-on-1 reading, and beyond
  • 1 Paperback Book
  • Maximum Age:8 Years
  • Maximum Grade Level:Grade 2
  • Allergens:Contains No Allergens
  • Grade Level:Early Childhood-Elementary
  • Safety:No Choking Hazard
  • Age Range:3 - 8 Years
  • Brand Name:Childcraft
  • Description:THE BAOBAB TREE
  • Material:Paper
  • Number Of Pages:32